An extra service that Zangersheide offers its breeders is the Zangersheide Ranking. Every year we award a total amount of € 30,000 to the breeders those horses were registered with Studbook Zangersheide upon birth and which are now performing well in the international sport.

In a world that changes it is necessary to evolve and the Z-Ranking is no exception. That is why we start from September 1, 2020 with a new scoring that is representative of the current competition offer. No fundamental changes, but an updated correction that is closer to the new reality. This takes more into account the different levels and the prize money. To implement the new scoring, it was recommended to start the new Z-Ranking (2020/2021) from scratch.

May the best win! Because the stake remains the same: € 30,000 in premiums for the Z breeders.


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