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Studfarm Zangersheide is located at the similarly named domain in Lanaken (Belgium). That is where Léon Melchior first began with our showjumping stables at the beginning of the seventies, which later developed into a studfarm.
A few decades later, in 1992, we started Studbook Zangersheide, our own showjumping studbook for showjumping horses!
Zangersheide is the result of the initiatives of Léon Melchior, who turned the breeding of showjumping horses into his equestrian magnus opus. Under his supervision the studfarm grew into a center of knowledge and practical know-how and became a trendsetter in modern showjumping horse breeding.
With the passion of a scientist, the precision of an artist and the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, we, managed by our 'captain of horse industry', plotted the route along which Z showjumping horses reached the top.

One of the great treasures developed at Zangersheide is the knowledge derived from practical experience, in such a measure as to create a resolute and effective operation. Rapidly and purposefully we focused powerfully on showjumping horses. But we realized that in a world where changes follow each other in quick succession, emerging unexpectedly and always from a different direction, we would never make it with just knowledge derived from practical experience alone. Because we wanted to book progress in the showjumping horse breeding world, we recruited the best scientists in horse genetics and with their aid developed highly advanced reproduction techniques. Our total concept is based on research and pioneering, on sport marketing and programmed breeding. Our philosophy is the purposeful breeding for the sport. Techniques such as AI, X-ray examination, embryo transplantation, endoscopic insemination were cultivated into what now has become daily practice.

The growing success of Zangersheide is largely a question of regularly paying attention to things that matter, objectively assessing the results and listening to the breeders. Often we tackled large scale issues or provocative matters, such as research into the hereditariness of OCD. To everyone's surprise we actually succeeded. We have flourished from the co-operation and even from the occasional conflicts with riders and institutions. But we made progress mainly by following very normal principles and beliefs, which are comprehensible and durable. In spite of tensions and pressure, we resolutely continued to work towards and invest in the qualitative improvement of Z-horses. Good, better, best, that is our daily business. Having brought sport and breeding together, Z-products are now respected all over the world. In the showjumping horse breeding world we are a like a guru who drank from the source of modern corporate culture. We have ushered showjumping horse breeding into a new era!

Globalisation of horse breeding
In a world where borders have virtually disappeared, Studbook Zangersheide allows you to profit from this globalization that has also reached horse breeding. The open policies of the studbook and the unique services it offers will guarantee that the best genetic material from anywhere in the world is made available to you. Your products are brought to the attention world-wide through Z-Magazine published in four languages. From our headquarters in the center of the of Europe the supremacy of Zangersheide products is conquering the world market.

The Z brand
"Z" is a quality label of world fame! You, too, can profit from this imago which gives surplus value to your products. The DNA-testing to which all foals are submitted makes that owners can fully rely on the authenticity of the horse's papers. You can also gain financially when your products excel at our events or anywhere else in the sport. We do not leave our breeders standing out in the cold. Our successful auctions with professional promotion and marketing will open the door for you to get a good price for your foals. Top-foals go at top-prices!

Benefits for our members

With our liberal, professional approach we offer a series of advantages and opportunities that you, as a horse breeder, will really appreciate:

• Free subscription to Z-Magazine
• The right to start your Z-foals and young Z-horses at Z-Festival, an event that has proved to also be commercially attractive for the breeder
• The right to be possibly selected for the Zangersheide Quality Auctions where always high prices are realised
• A European passport with a surplus value
• There is a Z-Ranking for Z-horses starting in the international sport. The best Z-breeders receive € 30,000 in breeders premiums per year
• The right to enter for the Z-Stallion Selection
• Free advertising on the Zangersheide website
• Benefitting from the Z brand, which offers an advantage on the market

If you breed showjumping horses, you will come a lot further with Studbook Zangersheide



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