The Zangersheide International CSI4* 15-19 February

Limburg... one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. Known for its beautiful nature, warm-hearted inhabitants and charming cities and towns like Hasselt, the 'Capital of Taste'. In the horse world, Limburg is known worldwide for its top show jumpers, riders and sports stables. Limburg is a real hotspot in the horse world, just think of Studfarm Zangersheide in Lanaken and the stables of Team Philippaerts, Jos Lansink, Ashford Farm, Karel Cox Horses and many others! Limburg is also home to fantastic training and competition venues, the main one being Sentower Park, as well as the nec plus ultra of horse clinics such as EquiTom in Lummen. 

A horse region like Limburg also deserves the finest international events and that is what Stud Farm Zangersheide and Sentower Park will jointly provide from 2023 onwards. 'The Zangersheide International' will be a completely new international CSI4* where sport and breeding go hand in hand. "Not only will 'The Zangersheide International' be a frenzied 4* competition where we will welcome the best riders in the world, also the breeding for which this region is very well known will be extensively featured. Studbook Zangersheide's spring stallion selection will move to Sentower Park and will be complemented by a very exclusive stallion auction where the very best young stallions will be offered!" said Judy Ann Melchior "All that will also be complemented by special tests for young stallions as well as a heat of the famous 'Sires of the World'. At the beginning of the breeding season a real must for every breeder."

Laurens Meynaerts of Sentower Park adds: " 'The Zangersheide International' will not only mean fantastic sport, as it should be in Limburg, we will also provide a cosy atmosphere and the best catering! It will be an unmissable experience for everyone who loves horses and equestrian sport!"

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