Stallion approval Studbook Zangersheide VZW postponed

The spring stallion approval of Studbook Zangersheide VZW has been postponed to a later date this spring as a precautionary measure due to Rhino outbreaks throughout Europe.

Since a few days, there have been several reports of horses infected with the Equine Herpes Virus (Rhino), a highly contagious virus that can lead to paralysis and death. Extreme caution is necessary and it is therefore not advisable to bring a large group of horses together for the stallion selection.

The situation will be closely monitored and as soon as it is possible to safely organise a new stallion approval, the owners will be contacted and a new date will be communicated.

Do you still have questions about rhinopneumonia? Read more about it in the Z Magazine Online : 

Zangersheide Z-Magazine | Rhinopneumonitis:

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