Zangersheide rewards winner of Z Ranking with BMW

There is nowhere a breeder gets more than from Studbook Zangersheide. At the WC for Young Horses the breeders of the best three of each age group will receive 30,.000€ in premiums. Since several years there is the Z Ranking for the older horses, a worldwide ranking for Z horses in the international sport. This world ranking for Z horses always terminates in the end of September every year, during the WC. The top ten receive a premium, also for a total amount of 30,000€ and that is more than a recognition. This year the breeders premium of the Z Ranking is doubled. This year’s winner is Jan Wilms, the breeder of Regina Z, grand-daughter of Ratina Z. His reward for having produced the winner of the Z Ranking is a brand-new BMW, a gift from Studbook Zangersheide. Because Zangersheide does always more for the breeder!



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