D’Artagnan Van De Vecht Z (Dominator 2000 Z x Numero Uno - B: A.j.m. De Bruijn en B. Van Der Hoorn)
D’Artagnan Van De Vecht Z (Dominator 2000 Z x Numero Uno - B: A.j.m. De Bruijn en B. Van Der Hoorn)

Dominator 2000 Z delivers auction topper during season finale Zangersheide.auction!

The auction season of Zangersheide.auction came to an end tonight with the denouement of the Online Auction for young horses! A collection of 28 young jumpers ranging from 2-year-old horses in freedom to 5-year-old horses under saddle were offered for sale and sold to new owners all over the world!

Topper of the evening was the 2-year-old gelding D'Artagnan Van De Vecht Z, a breeding product of A.j.m. De Bruijn and B. Van Der Hoorn, who combines the blood of our stallion Dominator 2000 Z with that of Numero Uno. Many customers showed interest in this impressive black gelding and with a sales price of 52.500 euros, it was just like during last year's auction that a German customer took home the auction topper.

Furthermore, the 3-year-old gelding Nureev Sitte also attracted a lot of interest, both with his looks and his jumping qualities. This son of Heraldik Sitte and Greco Sitte was eventually sold for an amount of 39.500 euros and moves to France.

For the horses under the saddle, there was once again a great deal of interest from the United States. For example, both the 5-year-old mare Cesprit 1919 Z (Cicero Z x Quidam de Rêvel) and the 4-year-old grey gelding Copernicus Z (Columbus Z x Calato Z) found their new owner on the other side of the ocean. An amount of 28,000 euros was paid for Cesprit 1919 Z, while Copernicus Z changes ownership for an amount of 30,000 euros. The same amount was also paid for the 4-year-old mare Cayenna II (Casall x Contender), who remains on Belgian soil.

Zangersheide.Auction thanks all its loyal and new customers for their unconditional confidence and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year!


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